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12V 30A Battery Charger Maximize

12V 30A Battery Charger

This 12v 30amp lead acid battery charger uses the advanced soft switch technology, with small size, high conversion efficiency, running full loading for a long time, stable output current, high reliability, long service life, easy operation,etc

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  • TYPE: AC to DC converter, Lead-acid battery charger
  • Adjustment of the charging current
  • Reverse battery pole + - protection
  • Visualized charging current by precise meter
  • FOUR-phase smart battery charger: pre-charge, constant current, constant voltage , Floating charge
  • Suitable for the water storage battery and battery without maintenance
  • Suitable for 150AH - 200AH standard lead-acid battery
  • Protection: Overheat Protection, Short-circuit protection, Low Voltage Protection, Reverse Protection


Four charge Modes:

Pre-charge Mode: In order to protect the battery, extending battery life, when the battery due to excessive discharge or stored for a long time and cause internal resistance is too large, the voltage is too low automatic output small current to charge the battery. When the battery voltage rises to the set voltage, the charger automatically converted to constant current charging mode.

Constant Current Mode: When the battery voltage is lower than the charger voltage is set constant current charging mode, the battery charger provides constant charging current.

Constant Voltage Mode: Using pulse width modulation technology, precise control of the charger charging current and output voltages to ensure a fully charged battery is charged, to avoid overcharging.

Float Mode: When the battery voltage approaches the set voltage constant voltage charging mode, the charging current is reduced to set current time, battery power has been filled, the light turns green, the cooling fan stopped working. Charger automatically charging mode to trickle charge the float mode. The battery can be disconnected, or continue to float.

PS: The Charger is not suitable for US/Canada and so on which country is with 110V voltage! Pls note!

Tech Specs:

Item Name: 12V 30A Lead Acid Battery Charger
Item No.: YXBC-1230
Input Voltge: 220V±10%
No-load Voltage: 13.8V
Rated Charging Range: only for 12V 150AH-200AH battery
Constant Charging Voltage: 14.4V
Constant Charging Current: 30A±5%
Operating Temperature: -40~+105°C
Charging Mode: Four Stages
Size: 25*145*80mm
Weight: Approx 1480g
Our charger has anti-access Protection.overload protection,Circuit protection. It uses pulsed High frequency direct current.
Universal for 12V battery
Plug Standard: EU


12V 30A Battery Charger *1  

  • Input Voltage 220V±10%
  • No-load Voltage: 13.8V
  • Charger Type: only for 12V 150AH-200AH battery
  • Item No.: YXBC-1230